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Condos For Sale in Pompano Beach

Condos for sale and single family homes are available and for sale throughout Pompano Beach, the largest community within our area.  Pompano Beach condos are available on the ocean, the Intercoastal Waterway, the Spanish River, lakefront or in every other area in between. The Pompano Beach condos for sale are of all heights, ranging from 30 story condo towers and all the way down to low rise condos.  Virtually all provide a pool club and other fitness and recreational facilities.  Due to its size Pompano Beach has the greatest assortment of condos for sale available.  There is also a large market for condos rentals throughout the Pompano Beach at all price points.

To discuss your condominium needs in Pompano Beach, whether to purchase or rent, contact Pompano Beach Realty at 754-529-6000.

Condos For Sale in Pompano Beach

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