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Whether you are an experienced Real Estate Associate or you just passed your state exam, Pompano Beach Realty has something to offer you. We know that all real estate agents are in different circumstances and have individual needs. In this regard, we take pride in the fact that we provide enough benefits so that all agents, experienced or not, should find something of interest in our brokerage.

Take a look at the list of benefits that go along with listing your real estate license with Pompano Beach Realty Corporation and see how many apply to you and/or how important any particular benefit is to you.

  • LEADS! WE PROVIDE LEADS WITHOUT ANY COMPENSATION or expectation other than for you to treat clients honestly and do your very best to meet their real estate needs. (Some of the benefits that follow, also pertain to LEADS WITHOUT COMPENSATION).
  • No monthly fees for leads.
  • No sign-up fees.
  • No fees whatsoever for anything associated with the brokerage
  • No manning an office phone or sitting at a desk in order to get leads that walk in off the street.
  • No commitment to do any office work, let alone menial work.
  • We have a Virtual Office that requires no maintenance by you. The Pompano Beach Realty website was designed to optimize traffic so as to produce leads that will be assigned amongst our sales associates.  As long as you perform your work in a first class manner, you will be supplied with leads as the site produces them.
  • No office hours. No work schedule. We realize that virtually every sales associate has other responsibilities or jobs. In fact, if you decide you have enough leads to occupy your time, you can refuse a lead.  A refusal will have absolutely no negative impact on you.  If you feel maxed out, we would prefer  that you refuse a new lead and properly service the leads you already have. The next time your name rotates to the top of the list, the next lead will be offered to you. YOU decide when you’re ready to accept a new lead.
  • No daily paperwork. Keep track of your leads, their needs, searches and your schedule online without wasting paper. Our Virtual Office is your Virtual Office.
  • COMMISSIONS! Your commission will be negotiated directly with you and is subject to change based upon your need for support. As a newcomer you may need a lot of attention but as you progress your commission should also progress. There is no set time frame where your commission stagnates. In fact, we hope your commission works its way up because Pompano Beach Realty was designed in an manner where higher commissions for you increases our bottom line too, as you are not as dependent on our time.
  • You probably have heard it before, but bear in mind that you will be dealing with a broker and supervising real estate agents that are good people. They want you to succeed and will assist you to assure you do so.

So if Pompano Beach Realty sounds like the type of broker that might meet some or all your needs, let’s talk.
By the way, our Broker has over 20 years experience.

Perhaps you know of Sherry Steinberg, who has been a Florida real estate associate for 15 years, and a resident of Pompano Beach since 1974. She is happy to talk to you about becoming a new agent with Pompano Beach Realty, give her a call at 754-235-8080 or fill out the form on this page.

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