The City of Lighthouse Point

The City of Lighthouse point was named after the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse which was constructed in 1907. This coincided with the expansion of the City of Pompano Beach which became an important stop on Henry Flagler’s Railroad which had been expanded to connect West Palm Beach down to the City of Miami. The Hillsboro Inlet connects boaters on the Pompano Beach waterways to the Atlantic Ocean.

Although the City of Lighthouse Point is not directly on the Atlantic, it is just a few blocks away. Its location provides many waterfront and water views of the Intracoastal Waterway, and the canals flowing from it leading to the Inlet. This makes it a beautiful location and it too, along with Pompano Beach, is a preeminent boaters’ paradise. If it is beaches you want, the beaches that adjoin the City of Lighthouse Point and Pompano Beach are the best beaches in the country, according to New Times, a respected local multi-county magazine. If that’s not enough concerning potential for appreciation of real estate values, across the Intracoastal is the Town of Hillsboro Beach containing some of the most expensive homes in the Country. Deerfield Beach is also just north of Lighthouse Point and Pompano Beach is to its south.

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