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The Intracoastal Waterway is always a relevant issue to the sale of real estate in the City of Pompano Beach, and to its boaters. Although both these issues are close to our heart in the real estate business, we wanted to provide you with some background of the development of the Intracoastal Waterway.

As soon as the late 1700s it became obvious to our new nation that unimpeded shipping along the east coast was crucial for the development of new commercial and military facilities, as well as for development of towns and cities that would also need supplies. Remember, there were no means for inland transportation yet; shipping was virtually the only way to provides materials and supplies to our original states. It was obvious that in order to bind our nation together, the ability to be able to ship without ocean exposure to our enemies was an essential role of the Federal Government. Thus, in the late 1700s up through the 20th century natural waterways were connected to man-made ones so that shipping could go along the northeast virtually to Texas with minimal ocean exposure.

So just what role does the Intracoastal Waterway play in Pompano Beach Real Estate? Big!! Once inland waterways could no longer efficiently accommodate large shipments, and ocean exposure became less of a risk, the world of boaters fled onto the Intracoastal Waterway (“ICW”) with all the benefits it offered. Calm waters for boat dockage and for local travel, while it also provided a means of accessing the Atlantic Ocean from inland waters. Then homeowners realized what a beautiful location it was to live. Beautiful scenery, and deep water boat dockage because the ICW was constantly dredged through the 20th Century to accommodate bigger ships.

In Pompano Beach homeowners fled to the ICW to build homes and have access to the best fishing in the world – the Gulfstream, just a few miles off the South Florida shore. These homes gracefully aged but no longer met the tastes of home buyers in the late 20th Century through today. Virtually, all of the ICW homes have been updated or replaced with the most modern and beautiful homes in Florida. As the homes became even more expensive, the yachts that accompanied them also became bigger. The Pompano Beach single family homeowners on the ICW have a short trip to the Hillsboro Inlet which leads out to the Atlantic Ocean. Along with homes, condominium builders began to build on the ICW but most of the condominium buildings are older although very well maintained. Some of the condominiums are also modern high rise buildings providing views of the ICW and the Atlantic Ocean. Virtually all condos also have dockage.

Further, there are always older homes remaining on the ICW or on the waterway that flow from it that are at a better price point. Many are well-livable as-is and others require modernization. But all of them offer the one thing the boaters seek – dockage and a way out to sea.