Describing Pompano Beach and Pompano Beach Real Estate

Pompano Beach Real Estate

Describing Pompano Beach, FL and its Real Estate For Sale isn’t easy … because there’s so much to talk about. To discuss Pompano Beach you have to address the crazy-beautiful beaches, fine food, cultural events, family events and every professional sport. And then there is the real estate! I will try my best to address it all.

Pompano Beach is an unbelievable, small town beach community. The Atlantic Ocean and the wide, fine sand beaches are the focus of many visitors and residents. Every imaginable ocean recreational activity is available for families, as well as for those who would rather parachute into the ocean. At the same time, the Intracoastal Waterway is literally a few blocks from the ocean making it a short trip for boaters to go out to sea. And not just out to sea – you go through the world famous Hillsboro Inlet and Lighthouse. You’re boating in the Atlantic Ocean in Florida, and going past a very old lighthouse. How could have imagined such a beautiful thing? Having easy ocean access is just one reason that Pompano Beach is a Boaters’ Paradise, while having the Gulfstream and its amazing fishing just a few miles out to sea greatly contributes to that description.

Moving off the water, it is only a 20 minute ride […]