Commission Splits for Realtors

50% commission split.  You receive company leads. No Transaction Fee*

70% commission split.  No Leads. No Transaction Fee*

No Leads. $199 Transaction Fee*

So if Pompano Beach Realty sounds like the type of brokerage that meets some or all your needs, please fill out the contact for on this page and Broker Oliver Hoffmann will call you.

By the way, Pompano Beach Realty’s owner has been a Broker for over 23 years.

The Fine Print

*Agent keeps each plan for 12 months from date of plan selection (anniversary date) and can’t change the plan during those 12 months. Agent can only select 1 plan. Pompano Beach Realty charges all buyers and sellers a $499 transaction fee which is to be added to all listing and sales contracts. If agent forgets to add it or chooses not to charge his client this fee, the $499 will be deducted from agents commission.

50% and 70% plans include E&O insurance. For the 80% plan agent pays $399 per year for E&O insurance payable in 2 installments of $199.50 every 6 months.  The 80% plan is reserved for experienced agents that are able to correctly complete all transaction forms and need limited broker support.
Inexperienced agents please select the 70% plan.
The 50% plan that provides leads has a waiting list and will be awarded to agents at brokers sole discretion.
The Agents Transaction Fee apply to each sales/rental transaction.
Pompano Beach Realty reserves the right to change or modify the commission plans at any time. Agents that are on their current split will remain at that split until their independent contractor agreement expires and will then have to choose a new commission split.

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